Pad thai was pretty bland, drunken noodles were good.
Speedy delivery, good packing and nice food. Thank you
It was pretty good. Lots of seafood in it. The only thing I did not like (and this is personal preference) was the broth and bean curd gave it a gelatinous consistency.
Michael & Jenny
In short: food good, service terrible. We have ordered from this restaurant for many years, before they relocated to this site. The food is usually fresh and very good. Although, the exact makeup or cooking method of the dishes can change order to order. What has not changed is the extremely slow preparation/delivery. Expect a 60 to 120 minute wait from order until it is ready for pick up or deliver. When you check on the progress of your order you will always be reassured that is almost or on its way, yet it still takes 30 or 60 minutes after that reassurance for the completion of your order. This last order, I had paid on line using a credit card and a friend picked up the order. Despite my credit card showing the payment, he was also charged for the same meal. The restaurant eventually remedied this double payment, but its an error that should never happen.
Love the food here. Best Chinese food I have had since moving here.
This restaurant was located in Lansingburgh until recently. I'm glad to see they are back because they have been some of my favorite Chinese/Thai food in the area. Always flavorful and fresh!
I ordered Sizzling Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce. Simple dish but great taste. Generous amount of chicken.
Any questions please call us.